Favorite Looks of the Week

Heyyyy. So I have really been wanting to do a favorite looks of the week post so I decided why not start today. There have been so many fab looks this whole week and it was hard to narrow it down to just a few.

#1 Kim and Rihanna at the Roc Nation Grammy Pre Party


I am so obsessed with Rihanna and her fashion right now. I love both of these outfits are phenomenal but can I say that Rihanna definitely out did Kim K at this party. The floral print two piece crop top and midi skirt and perfect and the way she pairs it with a cardigan gives it a classic yet modern feel to it.

#2 Alexa Chung at the Louis Vuitton “Series 2” Exhibition in Hollywood

I love Alexa Chung sooo much. Her white shift dress paired with the beautiful black leather coat are great together. Compared to the other people who attended this event she definitely toned it done and wore something that was very close to her everyday street style, you can see so with the cute chelsea boots she’s wearing. Something about this outfit reminds of the 60s and I really like that.

#3 Taylor Swift

Can I just start by saying I’m not much of a Taylor Swift fan but this outfit is so cute. The cute little skort paired with the black top and black platform sandals is everything. I have been wanting a skort like this (they are everywhere on the internet, can somebody tell me where I can buy one?) and I could totally see myself wearing this outfit when spring finally rolls around.

Tomorrow I will be posting up my favorite outfits of the Grammys (yayy), so keep a look out for that. I absolutely love the Grammys because my favorite musicians and fashion collide and cant think of any better way to spend my sunday night.


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