Fashion Inspo-Nadia Aboulhosn

*all photos from aka Nadia’s blog

Hola blogosphere,

I really am into body positivity movement that is taking over the fashion world. Now there are new blogger and models who are not just a size zero (no shame to people who are a size zero), but I do truly believe anyone can be a model and love fashion, there are so many different body types and shapes and we really need more people out there to show others that hey just because you may have a big butt or thighs does not mean you can’t do what you want. This spur of new models and blogger is really changing things and I think its wonderful.

So my new fashion inspo is…….Nadia Aboulhosn. Omg I love this girl so much I found her on instagram and she is so cool and down to earth and has an amazing sense of style and blog ( What I really love about her is that she wears what she wants to wear, once she posted a picture of her wearing a long buttondown shirt as a dress and she looked so fabulous, it was really inspiring. She has curves and loves who she is and is so nice to all her fans. She wears tight fitting dresses and crop tops and cute short shorts and does not care about what people have to say. I guess you can call her style street chic because some days she will wear a flannel leggings and timberlands and some days she will wear a bodycon dress and fierce heels, her style ranges so much and I think that is why I can connect to her so much.




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