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Heyyyy guys,

So today I had a snow day, and what better way to spend it than with family. Since my sister and her friend were in town they decided to go to Philly and I tagged along. Despite the fact I had a snow day it was really really nice outside. We decided to go to Philly kind of last minute so I went with a really comfy yet cute outfit. I paired my workout leggings from the Gap with my turtleneck and my mary jane Doc Martins with these really cute burgundy frilly socks from Forever 21. It was not such a special outfit but I felt really cute and city chic walking around in Philly while visiting touristy areas. Also may I add I am absolutely obsessed with these vintage Revo sunglasses that used to belong to my mom, the green mirror film on them are really cute.




Leggings- The Gap

Socks- Forever 21

Shoes- Dr. Martins

Jacket- Delia’s

Sunglasses- Revo

Purse- Coach


One thought on “OOTD #5

  1. very cool pictures! so lucky you had a snow day – i don’t see a lot of snow hehe 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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