March Favorites

ooooops, I might have forgotten to make a February favorites post, but don’t worry I have now made an early list for the things I love for this wonderful month of March (yay). There are tons of new things that I loved in February and that I am still loving this month  and it will be hard to make it fit in my list but I will try hard to not make the list too too long.

#1 Rookie mag

This magazine keeps it real, they cover REAL stories and they speak the truth unlike all those other commercial magazines out there. They so many writers that work for them so every story is different. But what I like the most about them is that they cover everything from super controversial topics to feminism to  basics like makeup, they truly are the best. In addition they sell their stories compiled in a book every year and you can honestly find them at any bookstore.

tumblr_logo Rookie Yearbook photo (7)



#2 Parks & Rec

abc192b2106964de9c5d34425934a3e4 aprils-green-shift-dress 191dct2vleq56jpg

Ahh this show is amazing. Honestly, it so hilarious and has brilliant acting. I totally recommend for you to binge watch this right now on Netflix. Oh and yeah the actors wear cute outfits so thats always a plus.

#3 Style Like U (

One of the coolest and most inspirational blogs that I read is Style Like U. They tell the beautiful stories of women (and men) and their lives and talk about fashion and body image and life all wrapped into one. It is such a cool concept and whenever I read I always learn new and amazing things about other people in this world.

style-like-u-youtube stylelikeu_new


#4 Mode Maven (

I first came across this girl on tumblr but now she has created an actual blog and its amazing. Her fashion sense is a lot like mine so I gets tons of inspiration from her. Plus a lot of the clothes she wears is from stores that most people shop at, she doesn’t wear designer so to be able to get some of the stuff she wears is possible. Because of her blog she pushed me onto, which I mentioned in my January Favorites.

7795935_orig 3893904_orig 9990753_orig



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