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Today was such a beautiful day. It was so warm! In lieu of this I decided to dress cute today.  For this wonderful day I even brought out my wonderful jelly sandals that I bought from Boohoo not too long ago. As I guess you can tell I love this jean jacket (it was in a couple other ootds) so I paired it with this really cool turtleneck dress that my aunt gave me (and may I add it is absolutely a perfect length for early spring) and put on some tights and voila. Also as you can see in the more detailed picture I am wearing this super cute handmade clear quartz necklace that I am totally in love with. This was such a fun outfit and I hope you guys like it.

Jean Jacket: Forever 21

Dress: idk the brand but here is one similar

Tights: marshalls (idk the brand either), here is one similar

Jelly Sandals: Boohoo

Crystal Necklace: here is one similar


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