Favorite Fashion Instagram Accounts You Have To Follow Now 

Instagram is a quick and simple way for people to showcase their careers and everyday lives. Although I use my instagram to follow some friends and family but I can definitely say that majority of the people I do follow are fashion people, the things they post give me so much inspiration and help with my blog so I decided to share some of my favorite accounts.


This girls style is fab, she works and models for American Apparel and other companies, plus she is Dominican (so am I) so that makes her 10x cooler to follow.


Such a cool online clothing store run by a fierce girlboss. They are always posting pics of outfits from photoshoots and pics of items they are selling, I usually just look to them for inspiration because they are kinda pricey.


Not only does this girl do fashion blogging but she also does makeup youtube tutorials (that are kind of great to be honest).


This woman is great, she is just so accepting of herself and doesn’t let other’s negative comments bring her down. She started a movement/organization called “eff your standards”, which is really inspiring for every woman, it helps us understand that we shouldn’t care about what society wants us to look like, we need to be at peace with our own bodies.


Kinley has a really edgy fashion sense that I appreciate. In addition to being a high school student this girl does modeling on the side and can I say she pretty darn good at it.


Polina is beyond gorgeous and I just love all the photos she takes all over New York City with her equally as fashionable crew.


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