So its been awhile…..

But anyway I am really excited for summer, I have a job and its nice to have your own money to spend on things you personally want without having ask someone or rely on others. This summer I want to make good memories and do things i genuinely love like creating art and hanging out with family and friends. Also of course I am SUPERRR  excited for summer clothing. YAYYYY. So below  I will be showing your guys new purchases I have made and also things on my wishlist that are musts for this summer.


clothing from

Abigail Turtle Neck Rib Striped Crop Top alternative image  Madison Ponte Skort alternative imageGaby Sun & Moon Print Halter Tie Crop alternative imageLola Bow Scrunchie Two Pack alternative image

boohoo was running a great sale as they seem to be doing just about every weekend so I bought all of this for under $35.

other purchases:

blueeee mascara!!


both from

Camellia Tie Dye Capped Sleeve Mini Co Ord Set alternative image

can you guys tell from this post where I just love to shop lol.

until next time,



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