6 Months Later

to say its been awhile is an understatement. Its been a little over six months since i have last posted and I kind of regret that time of not posting. Originally this blog was created for a school project but now I want to transform it into something more. I desperately need a place where I can share my creativity and just grow as a person. High school is actually draining me at the moment, I am so done with the IB program right now (#ibprobs). It is actually really funny right now that I am complaining about school work at the exact moment I am procrastinating about doing my work. I feel like since the last time I posted a lot of things have changed in my life, but I still really love fashion and I hope to also incorporate things like makeup (a new love of mine) and art which is also another thing I love to do. For sure my new years resolution is to post more and I am excited to start to share all my plans for this blog with all of my two readers.

xoxo (gossip girl, jk),

Anabelle ❤


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