Process Journal


So today we were finally given the Personal Project. For a while now I have known that I have wanted to make a blog for my project but I am unsure at how successful I will be. I really think that doing this project will be a great learning experience for me. Fashion blogs are something I really look to as a fashion lover and I hope I can design a really cool blog for people my age to look at. Overall I would just really love to spread body positivity and tell girls or boys that its okay to not look like a model, just be yourself, because that’s what fashion is all about.



I researched blogging platforms to use. I have previously used tumblr but it is not exactly customizable like other platforms and also it not very professional looking, as I would like my blog to be. But I did come across a couple websites that I could potentially use. I found blogspot,Wordpress and blogger. But after trying out them all I think I will end up using wordpress. It is very user friendly and customizable. But one thing I am really having trouble with is coming up with a catchy name and title. I am really conflicted if I should just use my name.


Today I needed to find some inspiration from other bloggers. There are so many bloggers that I admire out there. I am really into body positivity and that is a message I would love to spread and share with my blog readers. My favorite body positive bloggers are Nadia Aboulhosn and  Tess Munster. They are fabulous people who don’t look like your average models, they have curves and love themselves and won’t change for society. I have always struggled with accepting my body and I want others to know it’s okay to be you, every size is the perfect size. These women are so fierce and i hope one day I will be able to make as much of a difference to other girls as they have made to me.



So today I had some free time and I watched this ridiculously long video from the website called It is actually a really interesting site, and helped me a lot with figuring out what kind of layouts I should go for when I actually create my blog. But it never really dawned upon me that I have the option to buy a domain, as I saw in the video they are kind of expensive and I don’t know if I want to invest that much money into it just to have a .com at the end of my address. Does that really make much of a difference? At this point I really don’t think so but if I perhaps want to keep blogging beyond the project I could possibly think about investing in a domain that has my name in it.



I have been reading up on some fashion blogs for some inspiration. There are so many cool things that i can incorporate on my blog. But i am not entirely sure if i want my blog to reach outside of fashion and go into beauty. I like makeup and stuff like that but its not my strong suit, possibly i can do special makeup and beauty posts monthly or whatnot. Another thing i really want is to incorporate the fashion of others around me. I see so many people at mount daily and admire what they wear. Sometimes i find myself using these fellow students as inspiration for what i wear and buy at the mall. I think one of the hardest things for me will be to have the courage to talk to people i don’t really know well and ask them for information on what they wear and to ask them to take a photo of them


I started customizing my blog today. It has been kind of challenging for me figuring out the layout, color and design of it. I posted a little quick post on my blog and it was one of the scariest things i have done. I was going to post up an outfit of the day but i didn’t think i my blog and i were ready for that. I have stumbled across a new fashion blog called mode maven, its by a girl named Caroline and she has fabulous style and the way her blog is laid out is super fun and cool. Another thing i found that i wanted to incorporate was a part of my blog that talks about latest trends going on in the world of fashion. I like to use my Instagram, tumblr and youtube to find new fashions and trends. Maybe i could feature some celebrities or youtubers/ bloggers that i really admire as being my fashion inspiration.


What really worries me about my blog is not having a good quality camera for taking pictures. My phone has okay quality but its just not as high definition and as sharp as i would like it to be. But i guess i will just have to work with what i got. I went online looking for cameras and they are really expensive for a teenager who doesn’t have a job. I know with christmas coming around i should ask for a camera but i would just feel bad asking for something really expensive. Maybe i can save up to get a camera but i feel like for this personal project thing i wont be able to get it in time to really make my blog look as fabulous as i had envisioned. I guess i will just have to work with what i have and just make the best of it.



It has taken me forever to get everything together and to actually find someone to take a picture of me and to actually remember to do all this. Life is so rushed and sometimes you have no time to do little things like making a fashion blog. This is why I am happy with what I chose for person project. But now we are back from break and its a new year and I am ready for my blog. I was really excited to share with the world my outfit and and explain my own fashion sense when it came to picking out this idea. I am not a very extroverted person so sharing something like this with the world is a big deal for me and I am proud of this website and what my first outfit of the day post looks like.


I came to this realization that I should probably make up a posting schedule so I can make sure I update as often as I can. Of course I can’t post everyday but I am setting a goal for not going over a week of not posting. Also in case I don’t want to post OOTDs I should add some variety to my posts. I came up with this idea of using polyvore a collaging website to make some Anabelle like outfits to use for my blog to share. Doing so is good for the days where I am not wearing the cutest outfits and good for if it been crazy lately, I can just make an outfit and post it directly form polyvore and just add a little description and there you go a new post. I did this with todays outfit, I love collaging so polyvore is super fun and I just like the way it looks, I can use items of clothing that I have and lay it out in a way that is more visible to the viewers.



AHHH, its so aggravating when you take a set of pictures and you don’t like a single one. I don’t blame the photographer (my friend Kayla) but I just blame myself and being so nit picky when it comes to photos of myself. Its so strange how I can look better in the mirror than I do on camera, I am definitely not one of those naturally photogenic people.  I can find flaws in everything and I wish that I didn’t.  But its fun and frustrating when it comes to posting and trying to edit and make my blog truly mine. Its so strange though, without me even advertising I am getting like at least 10 views and a couple comments a post. Its so cool how people on this blogging platform are so nice, open and welcoming to others. I am glad that I decided to make my blog on



Its been a joke in my family since Christmas that I dress like Kylie Jenner. Okay yeah I wish I could be her but I mean who doesn’t, she’s super rich and pretty. But I am not trying to imitate her or be like her, I just really like the things that she wears and I have seen some things she has worn and been like woah I should try to wear jeans with that kind of top or wear this color lipstick. But anyway I have a new idea I can do like a whole fashion inspiration post that I do as often that I want. So for my first post I chose Kylie Jenner (suprise, suprise). I think this will be a great new addition because there are so many women I admire for their fashion sense I think its cool to read about people admire and I hope my readers like it.



Today I had a meeting with Ms. Pritchett. It was nice to be able to finally meet with her and ask all the questions I still have. She definitely helped with trying to work through WordPress and with what exactly I want to have on the blog at this moment. Everything is a bit more clear, but I know I have to work on getting some more journal entries done because I don’t have enough right now. In addition I also need some sources. One idea I talked about was featuring people I know and their fashions on my blog, I really want to do this but I am not sure how many people I should ask and if I actually will go through with this.


So I came up with new ideas for my blog, I was just browsing some websites and youtube and I found that a lot of them do these posts or videos about their favorite things from the past month. This is a really cool idea, it different and I can talk about pretty much anything and relate it back to fashion. In addition it gives variety to my readers even if its only like 5 people who actually read my blog. I enjoyed brainstorming a list of ideas for this list, I have been stressed out with homework and midterms and its nice to have a break from everything and do something that I love.



I am so proud of myself I have actually posted twice today and plan to post after the Grammy’s. It has been really hard juggling school work this year and trying to fit in this personal project has been a bit of a struggle. But really its all about planning and that is hard for me. But hopefully all I have planned for the Grammy’s red carpet fashion goes well. Celebrity award show outfits are the best and I just can’t wait to be able to write about my favorite gowns from the night. I am excited to have a reason to stay up late and watch the whole 3 hour award show.At the moment I am trying to catch up on AP Euro homework so I am not entirely sure when I can post again but I am not gonna stress too much at the moment and try to aim for the the end of next week.



So its Valentine’s day. And I was scrolling through my feed on instagram and I just discovered that New York Fashion Week has started. Where have I been? I am always constantly on top of fashion week because everything about it has interested me but I guess I have been in my own little bubble for a bit with school and other things. I NEED to make a post about some fashion week shows. As I researched some more I found a couple shows that I really like, but there are so many more that are going to happen that I can’t possibly narrow it down yet. One show that has been all over the internet was the Kanye West  x Adidas show, oh my lord it was amazing. Although there is a bit of criticism of the show going around about it not being original I truly think that every fashion show is never ‘original’ they have to come up the conceptual basis from some kind of influence in culture.  Although Kanye is kind of a jerk, he is one genius when it comes to fashion.



It’s actually crazy to think this project will be over in just about a month. To be honest I think that my project will never be finished, its just an  ongoing flow of new information and posts, this is what I really like about what I chose. I am almost positive that I will continue on with this blog after it is finished, it will be a fun hobby to carry on with me in life.  This would probably be fun to work on over spring and summer break when I have an extended amount of time to plan and actually write things for the blog. It really annoying though, I had planned on doing some outfit of the day posts, but of course I had to break my phone so at the moment I am phoneless and that was my camera source plus a had some pictures on my phone that I was planning to use on my blog that are probably lost now. It is almost as if the universe doesn’t want me to work on my blog. Fingers crossed that I will get a new phone soon.



UPDATE I got a new phone (yayyy). And I posted twice and there are posts I have been wanting to do for a bit again. The post on Nadia Aboulhosn was  post I have wanted to do for a bit, she is just one of my favorite plus sized bloggers ever. And I also wanted to try again with the favorite looks of the week post. All this cold weather has me housebound so hopefully I can get some planning and writing done for my rough draft. I am actually struggling trying to write the essay because I feel like all that I have to say is in these journals and on my blog.




SOOOO many snow days I am loving it, but of course there is still tons of homework to do, but because I had off from school I went to Philly with my older sister and just did some fun stuff walking around and visiting museums. This was a perfect opportunity for some photos for my blog and so I took a little mini photo shoot on the streets of Philly and it was really fun. Today we yet again had a snow day so I made a spring themed post of some items I am lusting over from I like featuring this website because they do have very realistic prices but still keep in touch with what is in fashion.  This is a very important concept for me because when I would read through some magazines that were intended for teens that have outfits that are over $200 dollars it would be kind of depressing because I knew i could never afford something like that.



Woah I never even knew it was International Women’s Day until I went on social media and saw it everywhere. Seeing things like that make me very happy, feminism is being revived and rethought in today’s society and in my generation and its nice seeing people stand up all the inequality in the world and just realize that we have so much work to do if we want genuine equality. I really just wanted to post wishing everyone a happy International Women’s Day but I figured that I should probably incorporate fashion into the post somehow so I thought why don’t I add some pictures of some fierce and fashionable women who have greatly impacted our world.



So I have planned to do another outfit of the day post and another favorite things post. I completely forgot to do the favorite post so I am trying to make up for it. I have some really cool ideas like including Parks and Recreation which is actually my new favorite TV show and some other things like which is a interesting news/pop culture website. In addition I took some cool photos in my backyard for an outfit of the day post, the pictures look really pretty and are of a fairly good quality thanks to my new phone. I will save these posts for tomorrow but I am proud of myself for remembering to take the pictures and for getting a start on the posts tonight.



I am so not ready for this project to be over, I feel like the fact that this project is never ending for me is kind of hard for me to reflect on and talk about, but I feel like now that I used to posting and have this whole flow of blog post ideas it is easier for me to just post naturally and it makes me sad thinking that I probably won’t be able to keep up with it because school is soooo stressful at the moment I am constantly drowning in school work. I wish this project felt less like work and more like a fun hobby but I am just at a point where I can’t wait to be done with it.










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